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DANCO provides an extremely detailed and comprehensive review of your organizations water consumption and generates a quantitative report detailing its findings and recommendations. This process provides a macro assessment and then breaks down the findings on a micro level by department and then by process. This study literally provides tracking and usage for every gallon of water your organization purchased; where it was consumed; and how it was managed, also known as “main to drain”.

Explanation of Scope of Work

DANCO provides a detailed Water Balance Study for your facility which includes a summary of data acquired through investigation during site visits, discussions with various department personnel, evaluation of existing drawings, facility permits and water usage history. This study also includes inspections of each influent and effluent metering locations and provide physical measurement of water flow incorporating the use of ultrasonic flow metering technology. This study empowers DANCO to track and understand every gallon for every applicable process which requires water – industrial processes, waste water treatment, comfort cooling to name a few. DANCO will provide recommendations as to potential areas for water conservation with a detailed summary of potential savings. In addition we will also provide your organization with recommendations for potential water re-cycle/ re-use opportunities which may also generate significant cost savings. DANCO provides a detailed drawing, charts and comparative tools documenting findings with respect to plant water usage, plant discharge locations, estimated annual usage rate volumes and potential areas of improvement through conservation, re-use and recycle.

Explanation of Benefits

DANCO has extensive experience in executing this comprehensive “Main to Drain” study. The benefits are multi-faceted and will impact several departments within your organization including: accounting, environmental, operations and maintenance. DANCO has yet to execute a study where water conservation, cost savings and water related process improvement weren’t achieved. These benefits can be extremely impactful and generally the drivers behind our customers making this commitment. The impact doesn’t stop there. There are some non-tangible benefits too. This process and respective quantitative report provides a platform for your organization to take credit for the achieved water conservation or recycle options within your ISO 14001 Certification and Sustainability programs. Our experienced Team has success in supporting our client base in finding, executing and taking credit for water conservation as a new objective. Let DANCO revive your EMS Team and ISO 14001 commitment today!


Water Balance Study Example

Water Conservation via High Efficiency Softener Ion Polishing (HES)


WCTI has developed sustainable and innovative water conservation technology to alleviate water scarcity challenges for commercial, high tech, industrial and energy production businesses who consume vast quantities of US fresh water supply for critical cooling needs. Six US patents support a green process that uses natural minerals in all source water to provide outstanding corrosion, scale and biological control in cooling water without use and discharge of toxic chemicals.

Membrane Capacitive Deionization (CAPDI) 

A tunable water deionization technology that is designed to remove dissolved salts from a variety of water sources ranging from tap water and brackish groundwater to industrial process water. CapDI achieves this at a lower economic cost and reduced environmental impact than any other available technology.

Uniquely, CapDI operates at temperatures ranging from 5-60° C, or 40-140° F, on challenging higher turbidity feed waters, with minimal operator intervention. Our technology is environmentally friendly by virtue of its low energy consumption and minimal to no chemical usage, thus allowing any unrecovered water to flow back into the ecosystem safely.

CapDI is tunable, allowing adjustable TDS reduction between 25 – 95% depending on customer needs, eliminating the requirement for blending to achieve a specific water quality. The customer sets their desired reduction rate and CapDI maintains this level, continually adjusting itself to account for any fluctuations in feed water characteristics.



Paint line water conservation application:


Steel mill water reuse application:


Salt removal solutions

Water Conservation

Water Conservation thru High Efficiency Softening

waterDANCO is committed to providing customized water conservation solutions for your organization. These solutions provide new opportunities for your organizations objective achievement goals within ISO14001; Conservation and Sustainability programs; LEED Certification Points for New Construction (NC); Existing Building Operations and Maintenance (EMOB) projects. In many cases these solutions will reduce or even eliminate the need for standard chemistry. DANCO can provide estimates for annual water reduction, cost savings on chemicals, water/sewer charges and the return on your investment. In many cases these solutions will expand the life of your cooling tower system; ultimately protecting your assets!

Evolution of Cooling Water Treatment

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