DANCO’s wastewater management program has been designed to fulfill our customers Total Waste Water needs.

Danco provides consulting services to cover all of your non-hazardous waste water processing needs. Our unique approach combines years of experience and research to recommend the best technology and respective processes for your waste stream processing needs today, and in the future. Our assessment of the current system or need for a new system to eliminate the need to haul waste off-site can save your organization money and minimize liability.


  • Custom and commodity waste water treatment chemistry
  • Provide licensed waste water treatment operators to manage daily operations
  • Industrial pretreatment permitting and sampling
  • Operator of responsible charge
  • Several Certified operators on staff including 2 Class D Industrial and Class IV Municipal licenses
  • IDEM contact hours and continuing education seminars
  • Assist in regulatory interpretation
  • Design / build of new systems
  • Evaluation and modification of existing systems for efficiency and chemical reduction

 Waste Water Treatment Effluent Recycling

As companies continue to grow commitments to sustainability or even cost savings initiatives, industrial waste water recycling is quickly gaining momentum.  Danco provides technical guidance in identifying and evaluating the potential to compliantly treat and recycle your industrial waste water.   This process includes a full waste characterization, process and permit review, identify areas for reuse and required specification.

In some reuse applications there is also the ability to use one of Danco’s water conservation technologies which yields significant environmental impact along with the attractiveness of a very reasonable ROI.  Industrial waste water recycling can have tremendous monetary impact, potentially including: reduction of haul away waste water and freight charges, decrease in onsite man hours and reduction of potable and sewer water charges.

Water recycling project + water conservation with HES technology


A Florida Theme Park made a commitment to becoming an environmental leader with respect to water usage and chemical treatment products. Their commitment to sustainability pushed them to look for alternatives to their chemical water treatment program.


This particular HES licensed distributor designed a system that could be used on their 3 Energy Centers that could operate using either reclaim or potable water. The overall goal was 5 fold: save water, use reclaim water instead of potable water, reduce or eliminate chemical use, improve coupon corrosion rates and efficiently treat 17,000 tons of cooling


  • WCTI program is saving the Client over 78 million gallons of potable water per year, 29 Million gallons of sewage annually.
  • ROI on the new system was < 24 months to cover the cost of the WCTI equipment and installation.
  • Coupon corrosion rates are lower than they were on a chemical treatment program.
  • Eliminated chemical in blow down to sewage.
  • Ability to remote monitor the treatment program and document water usage on a daily basis.