DANCO was founded in 1991 by Dan Daniels with the purpose of supplying industry with a quality product and an emphasis on the BEST service.

We shaped our future with continual growth every year with specialization in our core business of cooling tower and boiler water treatment.

In 1998, a waste water management team was established to supply our existing and future clients with certified waste water treatment operators, treatment chemicals, operator of responsible charge signature complete the service chain for our customers.

DANCO moved into its current manufacturing plant in 2000.  With a comprehensive chemical blending facility and a quality control program that supports our customer’s ongoing requirements. Our ready inventory is a value added service that protects our customers in immediate need for product.

Knowing that water is our most precious resource Danco began to research various water conservation technologies in 2010.  The driver was to provide customers with a GREEN solution, that’s more than a feel good story.   We now offer industrial water conservation and reuse solutions proven effective in several different applications.

DANCO’s sales and service team of professionals have over 150 years of industrial experience.  We know that to continue our success, it is all about the service to our customers!